«There is a purpose in everything – even though at first you may not understand it.»
[February 1981]

«He who masters the sword, knows himself – he who knows himself, may know his neighbours.»
[March 1996]

«Our society considers the winner he who reaches the ,highest peak’ fastest.
For me, it seems the winner is he who overcomes himself – who opens himself to spontaneous awareness, who discovers paradise every day.»
[May 2000]

«Damo, Chan,
Ng Mui [Wumei], Wing Chun Chuan [Yongchunquan],
Shaolin Monastery.
A circle closes.
At the end a beginning.»
[Damodong ‘Damo cave’, China, June 29th, 2000]

«Personal happiness is given to you based on the sum of your previous work.»
[May 2001]

«The purpose is not to always ask for more in order to still the constantly growing desires – but rather in finding fulfilment in a modest existence; to experience true freedom.»
[September 2001]

«Let myself drift through wind, through water and through time, but most of all through our society.
Everything that I come across, I accept, only to let it soon slip away again.
And if the inevitable is near, I also smile at it with composure. – Only so ,am’ I… Without beginning. Without end.»
[April 2002]

«Is it the law that determines our actions? Or is it ones own personal ethics?
Any time we deal with another human being – be it only for the briefest encounter – we should always do so with great respect.
Anyone who is indifferent in this regard deserves to be labeled a ,criminal’.»
[October 2002]

«To slink away is impossible! – because you always find yourself again…»
[October 2003]

«For me ,contentedness’ is one of the goals most worth striving for – the daily practice in ,attentiveness’ a suitable way to get there…»
[December 2003]

«Over the centuries our life expectancy has doubled or tripled, yet we continue to be the slaves of our own illusions.
Freedom begins in our hearts – and ends there as well.»
[January 2004]

«We were cast out of Paradise quite some time ago. And despite our growing material wealth, we can no longer find it!?
It’s not that all aspects of today’s life are bad. We simply need to reduce the un-necessary to a minimum and celebrate the necessary.»
[February 2004]

«Certain positions bring about certain liabilities.»
[September 2005]

«You’re only as good as in your worst moment.»
[March 2008]

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