Lex Reinhart is born 1963 in Zurich Switzerland. He begins at the age of 16 with meditation – especially breathing techniques – as well as yang taijiquan, qigong and jogging. Little later with yoga and martial arts. His teachings in yoga start 1986 in his own martial art schools. Until 2002 the desire to never stop learning leads him to countless journeys to Asia and around the world where he lives in total approximately three years.
Inquisitive to go deeper in the subject of finding the own spiritual path he establishes the NING MUI Monastery in 2002, a retreat & coaching center, in the north of the department Ardèche France and lives, leads as well as teaches there until 2018. This place is situated in a tiny valley in the very low populated mountains, far from any city activities, the closest neighbour one kilometre away. He encourages his students to find the balance between energies like the masculine justice oriented moral reasoning (voice of justice) and the feminine care oriented moral reasoning (voice of care).
From 2010 he intensified his own yoga practise significantly and additional to his retreats in the retreat & coaching center he starts teaching regular classes in his new established yoga school in Lamastre. After leaving his own 16 year retreat in the mountains in 2018 he finally has time to complete a teacher training certificate (yoga alliance) with Julie Giacomini (durga-ji association) and continues this intensity by assisting her in further teacher training courses since 2019.
During his search of establishing a new retreat & coaching center he was confronted with the Covid-19 restrictions and therefore teaches at the moment only daily private lessons and holds sporadically seminars and retreats for small groups in yoga and martial arts. He works on an adapted new teaching concept for the time after the Sars-Cov-2 restrictions.
Under the following link you can read some dictums from lex reinhart, the full cv of his practitioner career you can find under lex reinhart cv sport, and his teacher profile on the Yoga Alliance website you can find under yoga alliance lex reinhart.

Lex Reinhart’s highest aim is to integrate whatever
has been learnt by practicing into everyday life.
This leads to balance, joy, and total trust in all situations.
With this in mind he has shaped his hobby into a profession.

Chronology of yoga practice and teaching
· 1982-1986 sun salutation and some asanas, Zurich, Switzerland
· 1986-2002 yoga teachings in own martial schools, Switzerland
· 2002-2018 yoga, qigong & martial arts retreats NING MUI Monastery, Nozières, Ardèche, France
· 2010-2018 retreats & private lessons with Alexa Lê, Yoga & Body Art, Zurich, Sitzerland
· 2014-2018 yoga school Lamastre, Ardèche, France
· 2015-2018 retreats & private lessons with Clive Radda, Yoga Zurich, Switzerland (Yoga Alliance)
· 2018 teacher training RYT-200, Julie Giacomini, Saint-Michel-de-Chabrillanoux, Ardèche, France, Durga-Ji Association (Yoga Alliance)
· 2018 teacher training RYT-500, Julie Giacomini, Vienna, Austria, Durga-Ji Association (Yoga Alliance)
· 2018-present yoga teachings in private lessons, seminars and retreats in France and Switzerland
· 2019-present assistant teacher TT-200 & TT-500, Julie Giacomini, Saint-Michel-de-Chabrillanoux, Ardèche, France, Durga-Ji Association (Yoga Alliance)
· 2019 teacher training Yoga du Son 1, Patrick Torre, Ardillières, Charente-Maritime, France, Institut des Arts de la Voix
· 2020 teacher training Yoga du Son 2, Patrick Torre, Vico, Corsica, France, Institut des Arts de la Voix
· 2020 teacher training Yoga du Son 3 (professorate), Patrick Torre, Ardillières, Charente-Maritime, France, Institut des Arts de la Voix
· 2022 retreat Yoga du Son, Denis Fargeot, Saint-Juéry, Tarn, France
· 2022 E-RYT-500 and YACEP designations (Yoga Alliance)

Member of the following Association Yoga Alliance E-RYT-500Yoga Alliance YACEP
· Yoga Alliance Association – since 2018
· yoga alliance teacher profile lex reinhart »

«To slink away is impossible! –
because you always find yourself again…»
[October 2003]

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