We help you to increase your potential
of the sum of your « inner energies & forces »
This is applicable to all arts

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Coaching, Seminars & Events
You can book our Grandmasters Lex Reinhart and Marcel Eichenberger for private lessons, seminars and events at your home or in your school. Our goal is to promote each person individual to its most personal experience, to make each training session an unforgettable happening as well as each one can grow on his soft spots and consolidating her or his personality.
We offer personal coaching through meditation in martial arts, yoga, qigong and endurance & strength training.

Retreat Center & Schools
Close to the Metropol Montpellier Center (13 km) in the South and the Nature to the other three directions (300 m) our retreat center is placed for the perfect compromise between culture and idyllic landscapes. The Mediterenian sea with beautiful sand and stone beaches are directly in the South (29 km). The pool integrated in the training terrasse is here to jump into whenever you feel like. The Ningmui Retreat & Coaching Center is an ideal location for hosting your personal retreats.
Our school leaders accomplished their teaching certificate through intense training courses over years in three major fields : professional competence, educational capacity and expertise in leading a school. They follow enthusiastic the organisation’s guidelines which are summarised in our concept. Find out more under locations, our offers and about us.
We respect the ethical principles that are mentioned in the « code of ethics of the European Council » as well as the principles of non-discrimination from the « charter of fundamental rights of the European Union ».

If you are interested in our coaching, seminars & events, in our retreat center or in our schools please contact me on this link. Please coordinate the availability directly with us in advance. We are looking forward to host you and offer you a unforgettable personal experience.

We are delighted to share our passions with you !
Lex Reinhart

Frontpage the Ox and his Herdsman

If object and self have disappeared, peace reigns the whole day
[the Ox and his Herdsman, a Chinese Chan (Zen) text]

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