Lex Reinhart is an expert in yoga, martial arts, qigong and meditation as well as swimming, cycling, running and structure strength. The range of his functions is mainly focused in the following three fields: directing the NING MUI Athletic Organisation for various arts, teaching as guest lecturer at international seminars, and holding business events for companies and groups in Europe.
Other than sports and meditation, he is also particularly interested in issues of humanity and nature. Lex currently lives in the Ardèche France.

«Our society considers a winner he who reaches the ,highest peak’ fastest. For me, the winner is he who overcomes himself – who opens himself to spontaneous awareness, who discovers paradise every day.»
[May 2000]

Some distinctions

Throughout the course of his career he has received many distinctions (for full listing please see the curriculum vitae ludus), but the most significant are the following:

  • 8th Duan Grandmaster Dashi (The World Kuoshu Federation)
  • 5th Duan Wei (Chinese Wushu Association)
  • International Referee A (The World Kuoshu Federation)
  • Trainer basic course National Committee for Elite Sports (Federal Sport School Magglingen)
  • Certified recognition Yongchunquan [Wing Chun Chuan], Qigong and Yiquan (Ip Chun, Samuel Kwok, Yao Chengrong)

Memberships with Associations are fully listed in the detailed list, with the most significant being:

  • Yip [Ip] Man Martial Arts Athletic Association (YMMAA, Hong Kong) since 1993
  • Fédération Française d’Escrime (FFE) since 2016
  • Fédération Française de Triathlon (FFTRI) since 2016

Owner and director of the NING MUI Retreat & Coaching Center in the North-Ardèche France from 2002 to 2018:

«You’re only as good as in your worst moment.»
[March 2008]

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