This marvelous wooden dummy (Murenzhuang, Mok Jan Chong, 木人桩) is made of solid acacia wood. With the trunk comes a set of three arms, one leg of one piece and an iron pedestal with industrial suction cups for almost any even floor. The pedestal can also be screwed to the ground.
Due to the suction cups there are no vibrations and no noise transmissions to the basic structure. Therefore this system is perfect for any city apartment. We choose personally the most beautiful and the most perfect dummy for you.

Wooden Dummy Deluxe
Type of wood: acacia tree
Trunk diameter: 20-22 cm
Hight: 175 cm (model A)
Pedestal: 8 suction cups with over 600 kg suction power on even floors
Hight of the upper arms above ground, choose:
· A 140 cm (over 180 cm body hight)
· B 135 cm (170-180 cm)
· C 130 cm (up to 170 cm)
Length of the arms: 30 cm
Arm below: 29 cm underneath the upper arms
Leg: one piece
Total weight: approx. 65 kg
Pedestal weight: approx. 25 kg

Price: EUR 1’340.00 (including all taxes and charges)
Delivery place: 34000 Montpellier, France
Please also read our terms carefully.

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