06/04/2014 · What a great team! I am so happy and honoured to run with Natascha, Diana and Isabelle on this Marathon Teamrun with our team ‘NING MUI Athletic Organisation ningmui.com’! This whole event had perfect weather and a great ambiance with over 8’500 participants. Thank’s to all supporters and organizers! Our team managed to run this marathon of 42.195 kilometers in 3 hours and 38 minutes (3:38:41). The times for each section are:

1 Natascha Metzger-Emch, 9.7 km, 48:13
2 Diana Buser, 10.8 km, 56:21
3 Isabelle Arias Duffez, 4.0 km, 20:53
4 Lex Reinhart, 17.7 km, 1:33:12

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Zurich Marathon NING MUI Team Diplom

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