Qigong exercises set the base, Yiquan Yangsheng 意拳养生[1] and Chan 禅[2] are further ways to help you experience the nature of your being and to realize this to the fullest of your capabilities.
In combination with styles such as Yongchunquan / Wing Chun Chuan 咏春拳, a symbiosis is attained that can help increase by far the ‘average’ level of healing and martial arts, for instance as to their influence on your health. The awareness process promotes ethical values and allows you to confront philosophical questions.

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“Let me drift through wind, through water and through time, but above all through our society. All that I meet, I accept, only to let it quickly slip away again. And if the inevitable is near, I also smile at it with composure. – Only so ,am’ I… Without beginning. Without end.”
[April 2002]


[1] Yiquan Yangsheng (Chinese, mind fist health care).

[2] Chan (Chinese, meditation), Zen (Japanese).

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