5 April 2014 · 14:30-17:30 · …now you’re in front of the gun – learn what’s realistic and what’s not. It’s unfortunately a fact that a potential attacker is carrying such a weapon and is also willing to make use of it. This seminar allows you to gain an insight into this topic and into what’s realistic and what’s not.
We will train in the following subjects: the right timing to react, the good techniques to defend yourself against firearms and what strategies, tactics and mental power thoughts are needed. This seminar is also adapted to those interested without any experience or from other martial arts styles.

Closing date is 5 March 2014. Please contact me directly by sending me a message on our contact form or an e-mail to stefan.klemm@ningmui.com.

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Picture: Contre le Mousquetaire, Gérard Thibault d’Anvers (1574-1627), Academie de l’Espée 2nd book plate XIII, ©

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