19 April 2015 · We are looking for fans and participants for our NING MUI Endurance Team at the Zurich Marathon Teamrun Cityrun 2015. This event is for advanced runners as well as for not so experienced joggers. Endurance is the basis!

Marathon Teamrun mixed 42.195 km
1 Florian Winkler, 9.1 km
2 Florian Schläfli, 11.4 km
3 Georgina Keresztes, 4.0 km
4 Natascha Metzger-Emch, 17.7 km
Each team consists of four people which divide the marathon (42.195 km) in the following distances: 9.1 km, 11.4 km, 4 km and 17.7 km. We can start in three different categories: mixed, women and men. All team members finish together as one team. The team has a meeting point around 300 meters previous to the finish. When the fourth team member passes kilometer 38, the other three receive a text message.

Cityrun 10 km
1 Christopher Reinhart
2 Lex Reinhart
A fast race on a flat lap through the beautiful city centre of Zurich. For Christopher and me our personal challenge… and also with a charity target:

At our retreat center we practise a lot of endurance training. Anybody who likes to have a great environment for jogging, cycling and/or swimming is welcome here. If you want to improve your endurance trainings, we will provide you with our professional background. Find more information under

Find the official race website under

Find some historical background under

Download the Flyer under

Date: Sunday 19 April 2015
Start time teamrun: 08.37 hours
Start time cityrun: 08.43 hours
Start: Zurich-Mythenquai, Hafendamm Enge
Time limit teamrun: 5 hours 22 minutes
Time limit cityrun: 75 minutes
Starter shirt teamrun: NING MUI Team Shirt
Starter shirt cityrun: NING MUI Team Shirt & Cityrun Shirt
Awards: 1 medal for each participant, finisher diploma, finisher team video
Photos: cam be ordered after the race under http://alphafoto.com


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