19 April 2015 · What a great team! I am so happy and honoured to run with Florian (Zurich), Florian (Basel), Georgina (Zurich), Natascha (Basel) and Christopher (Lamastre) on this Marathon Teamrun and Cityrun with our team ‘NING MUI Athletic Organisation ningmui.com’! This whole event had perfect weather and a great ambiance with almost 10’000 participants. Thank’s to all supporters and organizers!

Marathon Teamrun mixed 42.195 km
Our team managed to run this marathon teamrun in great 3 hours and 51 minutes (3:51:42). We also had many excitements and good talks between the stages. The times for each section are:
1 Florian Winkler, 9.1 km, 46:22
2 Florian Schläfli, 11.4 km, 1:03:02
3 Georgina Keresztes, 4.0 km, 24:08
4 Natascha Metzger-Emch, 17.7 km, 1:38:08

Cityrun 10 km
Also for Christopher and me the run was very exciting. We started together almost on the first line at the ‘Mythenquai’ in Zurich downtown. I stated a little faster and left Christopher behind me (pace 3:42-4:24). At the ‘Bellevue’ square (km 1.3) Chris passed me and supposed ‘…so, when do you start running…?’. I hooked myself twenty meters behind him in. He looked once in a while backwards over his shoulder, but of cause the many people he wasn’t able to see me. Until the turning point at the ‘Zurihorn’ (km 3.2) he stayed between twenty and fifty meters in front of me.
From this place I raised my speed a little (up to pace 3:48). At the entrance of the ‘Bahnhofstrasse’ (km 5.4) I had him only ten meters in front of me. Now I said to myself, even if I have to quit afterwards, I will overtake him again. I raised my speed, shortly after I tapped on Chris’ shoulder and said as relaxed as possible ‘…well kiddo, still on the way…?!’. He formally winced and was completely astonished… (hahaha).
From that moment we ran together (up to pace 3:01!). Short before our return to the lake (km 8) Chris raced off and I was not able to keep up his pace. At the first teamrun transition area (km 9.1) it had even a jam of all the runners, so we had to walk for a short moment!
For Chris and me it was a fantastic experience. Also we were able run for the Helvetas charity project ‘Water for children in Benin’ was a great motivation. I am extremely happy, Chris can celebrate as result of his good trainings a double success: to beat me the first time and to achieve a good result.
1 Christopher Reinhart, 42:13, pace 4:18 min/km
2 Lex Reinhart, 42:50, pace 4:22 min/km

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Water for 30 children !

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