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Thank you for your kind interest in our coaching !
· Your endurance, strength and sport training at your location for your personal fitness.
· Your business event at your location with our efficient ancient martial principles of strategies and tactics.

NING MUI CoachingYoga Alliance RYT-500
Lex Reinhart
Boite Postale 20019
07201 Aubenas Cedex



Coaching & Events since 1998
· bodyART & Yoga, Switzerland
· Chinese Kuoshu Institute, Germany
· Compaq Computer GmbH, Switzerland
· FERRUM D Gentile, Switzerland
· Frog Capital Ltd (Foursome Investments Ltd), United Kingdom
· Gesundheitspraxis Karin Penne, Switzerland
· Go Dai Ryu School, Switzerland
· Gruber Gesundheit, Switzerland
· HP Development Company, Switzerland
· Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu, United Kingdom
· Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, Switzerland
· MCI AG, Switzerland
· Mibelle AG Cosmetics, Switzerland
· Migros Club School Lucerne, Switzerland
· Porsche AG, Switzerland
· Roos Coaching, Switzerland
· Samuel Kwok Martial Arts Association, United Kingdom
· SUN WU Schools, Switzerland
· SV-Service, Switzerland
· UBS AG, Switzerland
· U.S. Chinese Kuoshu Federation, United States of America
· Verbalis parler pour convaincre, France
· x-act ag
· Yoga Zurich, Switzerland
· Zurich Insurance, Switzerland
…and many more

· Representative of Switzerland in the Society of Martial Arts
· Founder fellow member of ‘The Society of Martial Arts’ and adviser to students enrolling in an eight semester study of ‘martial arts’

· Annabelle offer ‘How to defend yourself’
· The journal offered 24 courses of 12 lessons each in seven Swiss towns (Basel, Bern, Kreuzlingen, Lucerne, Schaffhausen, Winterthur and Zurich)

Since 1989
· Private lessons and personal trainer for individual personalities

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