Zurich Marathon Teamrun Cityrun 2015, Switzerland

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19 April 2015 · What a great team! I am so happy and honoured to run with Florian (Zurich), Florian (Basel), Georgina (Zurich), Natascha (Basel) and Christopher (Lamastre) on this Marathon Teamrun and Cityrun with our team ‘NING MUI Athletic Organisation ningmui.com’! This whole event had perfect weather and a great ambiance with almost 10’000 participants. Thank’s to all supporters and organizers!

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Puppy & Dog Retreats

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1 Week from 1 March-31 October 2015 · Your dog – Your true friend · We educate a pack of dogs since years for family and/or hunting behavior. If you would like to combine a wonderful natural environment holidays with a well experienced guided dog training, then this is the right place for you. Our next neighbors are about one kilometer away.

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Firearms Self-Defence Seminar 2/2, Zurich, Switzerland, 2015

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18 April 2015 · 14:30-17:30 · …now you’re in front of the gun – learn what’s realistic and what’s not · It’s unfortunately a fact that a potential attacker is carrying such a weapon and is also willing to make use of it. This seminar allows you to gain an insight into this topic and into what’s realistic and what’s not.

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