Firearms Self-Defence Seminar 2/2, Zurich, Switzerland, 2014

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5 April 2014 · 14:30-17:30 · …now you’re in front of the gun – learn what’s realistic and what’s not. It’s unfortunately a fact that a potential attacker is carrying such a weapon and is also willing to make use of it. This seminar allows you to gain an insight into this topic and into what’s realistic and what’s not.

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Zurich Marathon Teamrun Shirt Ladies, 2014

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3 March 2014 · Finally our team-shirts for the upcoming Zurich Marathon Teamrun are done. The writing is in silver-reflecting colour. On the picture the ladies shirt. We are looking forward to a great time! Find more information under

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Kettle Bell Trainings 2014

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17 February 2014 · Since this year also in our organization and in our monastery you can have intensive kettle bell trainings with our instructors. This dynamic exercises build up your internal muscular strength structure to a much higher level. We will start with weights which correspond to your level and we will improve the weight size during time. Different figures with two or one hand as well as one or two weights bring a wide variety to this program – it makes a lot of fun, with a big effect!

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Zurich Marathon Teamrun, Switzerland, 2014

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6 April 2014 · We are looking for fans and participants for one or more groups in our NING MUI Endurance Team. Each team consists of four people which divide the marathon (42.195 km) in the following distances: 9.7 km, 10.8 km, 4 km and 17.7 km. We can start in three different categories: mixed, women and men.
All team members finish together as one team. The team has a meeting point around 300 meters previous to the finish. When the fourth team member passes kilometer 38, the other three receive a text message.

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