Zurich Marathon Teamrun Cityrun 2015, Switzerland

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19 April 2015 · What a great team! I am so happy and honoured to run with Florian (Zurich), Florian (Basel), Georgina (Zurich), Natascha (Basel) and Christopher (Lamastre) on this Marathon Teamrun and Cityrun with our team ‘NING MUI Athletic Organisation ningmui.com’! This whole event had perfect weather and a great ambiance with almost 10’000 participants. Thank’s to all supporters and organizers!

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Oliver Hasler in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, China

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14 July 2008 · Oliver Hasler head of our NING MUI martial arts school in Zurich Switzerland takes part in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in the sports category Wushu, the division of Sanshou, in the weight category 85 kg. His story was published in various news papers in Switzerland, amongst others in the national paper ‘Blick’, the one with the highest mass circulation.

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